Andrew Lownie


Andrew Lownie was educated at Magdalene College, Cambridge, where he was Dunster History Prizeman and President of the Union, before taking his Masters and doctorate at Edinburgh University.


A Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and former visiting fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge, Andrew has run his own literary agency since 1988. A trustee of the Campaign for Freedom of Information and President of The Biographers Club, he has written for The Times, Telegraph, Wall Street Journal, Spectator and Guardian.


His previous books include acclaimed biographies of the writer John Buchan, the spy Guy Burgess, and The Mountbattens.

You can find Andrew on Twitter @andrewlownie

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Sponsored by Kay Parnwell

Traitor King: The Scandalous Exile of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor

Sponsored by Kay Parnwell

Traitor King looks at the years following the abdication of Edward Vlll when the former king was kept in exile, feuding with his family over status for his wife, Wallis Simpson, and denied any real job. 

Drawing on extensive research into hitherto unused archives and Freedom of Information requests,  it makes the case that the Duke and Duchess of Windsor were not the naïve dupes of the Germans but actively intrigued against Britain in both war and peace.