Antonia Senior

Antonia Senior

Antonia Senior is a novelist and journalist. She has published three novels, two set during the English Civil War and one in twelfth Century Scotland. 


Antonia reviews books for The Times. After many years on staff at The Times, covering everything from pensions to particle physics, she left the paper to concentrate on writing.  Antonia has twice chaired the Historical Writers' Association Gold Crown Awards for the best in historical fiction. 

You can see Antonia on Twitter @ToniSenior

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Somerled and Me: identify and belonging through a 12th century Scottish lens 

Friday, 20 March 15.30 - 16.30

Antonia Senior's book, The Winter Isles, is a fictionalised account of an extraordinary man: Somerled, a twelfth century century warrior, who rose from obscurity to become the first Lord of the Isles.

In this talk, Antonia explores how writers choose the stories they have to tell; and how those stories choose them. She will investigate the stories we tell ourselves on the British Isles about identity, with a focus the intertwined history of the Gaels and the Vikings in the Irish and North Seas. 

The Past is a Foreign Country: challenging historical perspectives

Saturday, 21st March 12.30-13.30


Panel discussion led by Jason Monaghan with Miguel Angel Lopez de la Asuncion, Roger Moorhouse, and Antonia Senior.Historical interpretation is not static. With changing cultural, social, and political influences, historians constantly revisit 'history', providing new explanations in the light of new evidence. What happens when that evidence leads to a shift in the way historical events are viewed? How do historians feel about challenging historical perspectives? And why is it important to do so?