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Ben Kane was born in Kenya and grew up in Ireland.  He studied veterinary medicine at University College Dublin and moved to the UK to work.  Suffering from 'itchy feet', he made a three-month solo trip along part of the Silk Road, a trip that sparked his interest in Roman history. Determined to put his ever-expanding knowledge of the Roman legions to good use and looking for an alternative to veterinary work, he wrote his first novel, The Forgotten Legion.  Four series of Roman books later, and eight books in the Sunday Times top ten, Ben embarks on a new series, Clash of Empires, on the Roman invasion of Greece in the 3rd century BC.

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Clash of Empires: Rome against Macedon, 200 BC.

Friday, 29 March 15.30-16.30

​Everyone knows of Julius Caesar and the emperors, of gladiators and the legions, or of the Olympic Games, the Parthenon and the Battle of Thermopylae. Few are aware, however, of the pivotal clash between Rome and Greece in the late third century BC, a war that lasted just three years. Ben will shine a spotlight on the little-known events of 200-197 BC, and the fascinating characters who lived through them.

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