Jason Monaghan

Jason Monaghan is an author and archaeologist living in Guernsey. He gained a PhD from the London Institute of Archaeology, then worked on Guernsey’s Roman shipwreck as well as Roman pottery projects in Kent and York. Back in the Channel Islands again he is currently Head of Heritage Services for Guernsey and leading excavations at Alderney’s Roman fort known as the Nunnery. His career has provided authentic background detail to five archaeological thrillers featuring the offbeat lecturer Jeffrey Flint, now republished as e-books by Endeavour Press. After doing extensive research into the Great War and its effects on the people of the island in support of Guernsey Museum projects and non-fiction books, he has now written his first historical novel Glint of Light on Broken Glass. Jason is an active member of the Crime Writer’s Association.




Guernsey and the Great War

Saturday 25th March - 09.30 - 10.30

The Great War is the setting for Jason Monaghan’s latest novel, Glint of Light on Broken Glass. Through his book, Jason explores the impact of World War I on Guernsey’s people and how it changed their way of life forever.


Jason’s latest novel Glint of Light on Broken Glass is set in Guernsey against the background of the Great War. He will be talking about how Guernsey’s people were affected by the war. Historically Guernseymen were exempted from conscription, but in 1916 this was waived and the island formed its own regiment, the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry. When it went into action at the battle of Cambrai, every family in the island felt the impact. The war left the island a changed place, with old superstitions and the traditional language falling away.

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