Jonathan F Putnam

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Jonathan F. Putnamm is a novelist and attorney. He has a degree in history with honors from Harvard College and a law degree magna cum laude from Harvard Law School, from which he graduated first in his class. 


His Lincoln & Speed Mystery series is published by Crooked Lane Books in New York and comprises four books, most recently A House Divided.  He is currently at work on new historical fiction set in Georgian England. Originally from Boston and New York, he lives with his family in London. 

You can find Jonathan on Twitter @Speed_Lincoln

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Discovering the real Abraham Lincoln through fiction 


It is said that there are more English-language books in print about Abraham Lincoln -- the President who freed the slaves and fought the Civil War that preserved the Union -- than any historical figure other than Jesus.  Yet, for all that's been written about Lincoln, there are certain critical aspects of his life that remain shrouded in mystery.


Jonathan F. Putnam's best-selling Lincoln & Speed Mystery series fills in these gaps.  Putnam's series focuses on Lincoln's defining relationship with a well-born Southerner named Joshua Speed, with whom Lincoln shared living quarters at the start of his career as a trial lawyer on the frontier in Springfield, Illinois.  As told by Speed as the first-person narrator, the books illuminate the young Lincoln's life and times and retell murder mysteries based on Lincoln's actual legal cases.