Jonathan F Putnam

Jonathan F Putnam

Jonathan F. Putnam is an author and attorney. He holds degrees in History from Harvard College and Law from Harvard Law School, from which he graduated first in his class. 


Jonathan is a recognized Lincoln scholar and is a frequent featured speaker for historical societies, libraries, book festivals and legal groups.  He currently lives with his wife and youngest son in London.

You can find Jonathan on Twitter @Speed_Lincoln

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The Unknown Lincoln: the early life and times of the most famous American President 

Saturday, 21st March 09.30 - 10.30


 Jonathan F Putnam's Lincoln & Speed Mystery series features the young Abraham Lincoln and his real-life best friend, a well-born southerner named Joshua Speed, solving mysteries based on actual cases from the law practice Lincoln pursued many years prior to his election in 1860 as the 16th President. 

The most recent book in the series, "A House Divided", retells the story of the great unsolved murder mystery of Lincoln's legal career and introduces the young Mary Todd, destined to become the President's controversial wife.

Debunking the Myths: when fiction is better informed than the received truth 

Friday, 20th March 14.00 - 15.00


Panel discussion led by Anthony Riches with Rory Clements, Jonathan F Putnam & Laura Shepherd-Robinson.

Historical fiction is not always 'fiction'. In many cases, historical fiction challenges the myths of historical 'truths', calling into question their reliability and basis in historical facts. Our panel discuss the problem of challenging existing historical 'truths' in their work as writers of fiction.