Laura Shepherd - Robinson - 2020 Festival Debut Author

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Laura Shepherd-Robinson was born in Bristol in 1976. She has a BSc in Politics from the University of Bristol and an MSc in Political Theory from the London School of Economics.


Laura worked in politics for nearly twenty years before re-entering normal life to complete an MA in Creative Writing at City University. She lives in London with her husband, Adrian. 

Laura won the Historical Writers Association Debut Crown Award, the best historical novel by a first-time fiction author published in the UK, for her debut novel, Blood & Sugar.

You can find Laura on Twitter @LauraSRobinson.

Laura Shepherd-Robinson website

A Novel of Blood & Sugar: In conversation with Laura Shepherd-Robinson
Alderney LitFest 2020 Debut Novelist

Saturday, 21st March 14.30-15.30


Laura Shepherd-Robinson is our 2020 Alderney Literary Festival Debut Novelist.

Laura explores the dark underbelly of 18th century London's slave and sugar trade in her impressive debut novel, Blood and Sugar, blending the best of historical and crime genres. Festival Chairman Anthony Riches is in conversation with Laura, exploring the ideas behind her book and throwing a spotlight on the politics of the age and attitudes towards race, gender, and class.

Debunking the Myths: when fiction is better informed than the received truth 

Friday, 20th March 14.00 - 15.00


Panel discussion led by Anthony Riches with Rory Clements, Jonathan F Putnam & Laura Shepherd-Robinson.

Historical fiction is not always 'fiction'. In many cases, historical fiction challenges the myths of historical 'truths', calling into question their reliability and basis in historical facts. Our panel discuss the problem of challenging existing historical 'truths' in their work as writers of fiction.