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Anthony Horowitz publishes 'A Line to Kill': made in Alderney

Thursday, 19th August 2021

Private Detective Hawthorne and his biographical sidekick, Anthony Horowitz, are at it again, solving another mystery that stumps everyone else. But this time, they are in Alderney! The Alderney Literary Festival, to be exact. Or rather, an Alderney Literary Festival, to be even more exact. The LitFest Sponsor is murdered, there are rumours of WW2 burials in Longis and everyone is an expert on the NAB (or is it FAB) cable. It's all in Horowitz's latest book 'A Line to Kill'!

Alderney Lit Fest Chair Anthony Riches interviews Anthony Horowitz about his writing and his books; watch it here.

A Line to Kill.jpg
Simon Scarrow and Anthony Riches in conversation: From swords and sandals to guns and gumshoes.

Thursday, 24th June 8pm-9pm

Kriminalpolizei Inspector Horst Schenke is a police inspector in 1939 Berlin. Mickey Bale is an elite close protection officer with the Metropolitan police. Both are new protagonists in respective new book series by Simon Scarrow and Anthony Riches

Swapping literary genres is not unknown. Plenty of authors have done it in their careers. Listen to these two giants in Roman historical fiction discuss why they decided to  move into thriller-writing.


You can watch the video here.

NB. Anthony Riches internet connection was not working terribly well. But its well worth the  watch.

Nemesis PB2.jpg
In conversation with Andrew Lownie:
"The Mountbattens"

Thursday, 27th May 8pm

 Andrew Lownie talks about writing biographies and the individuals, research, and sources that make his books possible. The focus is on The Mounbattens: their lives and loves, the first dual biography of this remarkable couple, and the most extensively researched.

Based on over 100 interviews, research from dozens of archives and new information released under Freedom of Information requests, prize-winning historian Andrew Lownie sheds new light on­ this remarkable couple.

Watch the interview here.

The Mountbattens cover.jpg
Michael Wood & The Story of China

Thursday, 29th April 8pm

"The Story of China" is a landmark book written a by historian Michael Wood which takes a fresh look at the World's oldest civilization.

In conversation with Alderney LitFest Chairman, Anthony Riches, Michael Wood discusses how the Chinese created their own distinctive vision of the world, a vision that is still alive in the 21st Century.

Watch the interview here.

Michael Wood.jpg
In conversation with debut novelist Tish Delaney
"Being Northern Irish is everything!"

Wednesday, 19th May 6pm

Novelist Tish Delaney talks to Rachel Abbott about her debut novel, Before My Actual Heart Breaks, and how she recreates in the book her Northern Irish upbringing in rural county Tyrone at the height of The Troubles.

Watch the interview here.

Tish Delaney Colour.jpg
Abir Mukherjee
"Out of Time - The Protagonist and the Point of Historical Fiction"

Tuesday, 23rd March 8pm

Abir Mukherjee in conversation with Alderney LitFest Chairman, Anthony Riches, discuss the questions:

What is the point of historical fiction? Why do authors write historical fiction, and why do we bother reading it? And can historical fiction authors truly create protagonists Perfect for their period?

Abir Mukherjee.jpg
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