Miguel Angel Lopez de la Asuncion

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Miguel Ángel López de la Asunción has a Degree in English Philology from the Faculty of Philology of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). He also studied Romanesque Philology and has a Teaching Certificate from the Institute of Education Sciences of the same University.

Miguel Angel is a member of the Spanish Association of Military History, historical advisor of the Blas de Lezo Foundation, Honorary Member of the History Association of the Carlos III University of Madrid, and Communications Manager of Editorial Actas, a publishing house dedicated to Spanish history.

Passionate about research and Military History, Miguel Angel has focused his main research on the soldiers known as Los Últimos de Filipinas (The Last of the Philippines), the Spanish military heroes of the Siege of Baler (1898-1899), a project to which he has dedicated over 20 years. He is co-author of the book Los Últimos de Filipinas: Mito y Realidad del Sitio de Baler (The Last of the Philippines: Myth and Reality in the siege of Baler) (Ed. Actas, 2016) as well as articles on the subject in specialist military publications such as Revista de Historia Militar, Revista Ejército, Revista Armas y Cuerpos and others, and has presented his research in over 50  forums and conferences in  military institutions and organisations all over Spain.  He is the advisor for literary, artistic, television and cinematographic projects relating to the Spanish presence in the Philippines, especially on the defense of Baler, focusing on the dissemination of truthful history and the memory of its protagonists.

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The Last of the Philippines: myth & reality of the siege of Baler

Friday, 20th March 17.00 - 18.00

Between 1st July and 1898 and 2nd June 1899, Spanish forces held out in a Church against Philippine revolutionary forces in the isolated town of Baler. Cut off from all communication with no idea when rescue might arrive, the force held out for 337 days, combating enemy fire, beriberi, dysentery, and starvation, living and dying in a cramped 300 square metre space that served as living quarters, hospital, and cemetery. 


The siege of Baler was one of the longest of its type in recorded history but the survivors were soon forgotten on their return to Spain. Miguel Angel resurrects their story, dispels the myths, and restores the Last Spanish Soldiers of the Philippines to their rightful place in history.

The Past is a Foreign Country: challenging historical perspectives

Saturday, 21st March 12.30-13.30


Panel discussion led by Jason Monaghan with Miguel Angel Lopez de la Asuncion, Roger Moorhouse, and Antonia Senior.Historical interpretation is not static. With changing cultural, social, and political influences, historians constantly revisit 'history', providing new explanations in the light of new evidence. What happens when that evidence leads to a shift in the way historical events are viewed? How do historians feel about challenging historical perspectives? And why is it important to do so?