Panel Discussions & In Conversations

Debunking the Myths: when fiction is better informed than the received truth 

Friday, 20th March 14.00 - 15.00


Panel discussion led by Anthony Riches with Rory Clements, Jonathan F Putnam & Laura Shepherd-Robinson.

Historical fiction is not always 'fiction'. In many cases, historical fiction challenges the myths of historical 'truths', calling into question their reliability and basis in historical facts. Our panel discuss the problem of challenging existing historical 'truths' in their work as writers of fiction.

'The Familiars' to 'The Foundling': Women, Power, and Class

Saturday, 21st March 11.00-12.00


Imogen Robertson is in conversation with Stacey Halls, exploring themes of women's voices and their place in society in 16th & 17th century Britain.

Imogen Robertson
Jason Monaghan
The Past is a Foreign Country: challenging historical perspectives

Saturday, 21st March 12.30-13.30


Panel discussion led by Jason Monaghan with Miguel Angel Lopez de la Asuncion, Roger Moorhouse, and Antonia Senior.Historical interpretation is not static. With changing cultural, social, and political influences, historians constantly revisit 'history', providing new explanations in the light of new evidence. What happens when that evidence leads to a shift in the way historical events are viewed? How do historians feel about challenging historical perspectives? And why is it important to do so?

Jason Monaghan is recently-retired Director of Guernsey Museums. He has been involved in the Alderney Elizabethan shipwreck project and is currently leading excavations at the Roman fort of the Nunnery, Alderney. He lectures and publishes extensively on his academic work. His first historical novel Glint of Light on Broken Glass was published in 2016. Jason is an active member of the Crime Writers Association.