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Michael Wood & The Story of China

Thursday, 29th April 8pm-9pm

"The Story of China" is a landmark book written a by historian Michael Wood which takes a fresh look at the World's oldest civilization.

In conversation with Alderney LitFest Chairman, Anthony Riches, Michael Wood discusses how the Chinese created their own distinctive vision of the world, a vision that is still alive in the 21st Century.

Watch a recording of the Chat here.

Abir Mukherjee
"Out of Time - The Protagonist and the Point of Historical Fiction"

Tuesday, 23rd March 8pm-9pm

Abir Mukherjee in conversation with Alderney Litfest Chairman, Anthony Riches, discuss the questions:

What is the point of historical fiction? Why do authors write historical fiction, and why do we bother reading it? Abd can historical fiction authors truly create protagonists Perfect for their period?

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