Sharon Wright

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Sharon Wright is an author, journalist and playwright.


She is the author of Amazon #1 bestseller Mother of the Brontës and The Lost History of the Lady Aeronauts.


She has worked as a writer, editor and columnist for magazines, newspapers and websites including The Guardian, Daily Express, BBC, Glamour, Red, The Lady and New York Post. Her first book was serialised in the Mail on Sunday and she appeared on BBC Woman's Hour to discuss the pioneering French and English women who first took to the sky.


She is also the author of critically acclaimed plays in London and Yorkshire.

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Mothering Heights: in search of Mrs Brontë

Sponsored by Nigel Meyer & Susan Smyth

Sharon Wright’s ground-breaking biography of enigmatic Maria Branwell reveals a remarkable woman who has spent 200 years in the shadow of her gifted daughters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë.


Sharon explains how she set out to find the witty, clever and resilient Regency lady of letters, lover of Patrick and mother of genius. Hear how Sharon’s painstaking detective work has restored Maria to the heart of the Brontë story.

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The Fabulous, Forgotten First Women to Fly

Sponsored by AY Enterprise Trust

Brace yourself for balloonomania! From have-a-go Georgians to emancipated Edwardians, the lady aeronauts were actresses, writers, heiresses, scientists, engineers, explorers, showgirls and suffragettes.


These unsung trailblazers of female freedom enjoyed lives shot through with sheer courage and joie de vivre. Yet they were all but forgotten. Sharon Wright takes us on a white-knuckle balloon ride through some of the remarkable real life stories in The Lost History of the Lady Aeronauts.