SJA Turney

Simon lives with his wife and children and a menagerie of animals in rural North Yorkshire, where he sits in an office, wired on coffee and digestive biscuits, and attempts to spin engrossing tales out of strands of imagination while his children drive toys across his desk and two dogs howl as they try to share a brain cell.


A born and bred Yorkshireman with a love of country, history and architecture, Simon spends most of his rare free time travelling around ancient sites, writing, researching the ancient world and reading voraciously. He writes Roman military novels in the form of the bestselling Marius' Mules series based on Julius Caesar's campaigns, Roman thrillers in the Praetorian series, set during the troubled reign of Commodus, medieval adventures in the Ottoman Cycle, following a young Greek thief around the 15th century world, and a series of Historical Fantasy novels with a Roman flavour, called the Tales of the Empire.


A brief look at the categories found in the bookshop draws a very specific divide between the fantasy and historical genres. But are they really so different?


Simon Turney explores the nature of fantasy and how it fits into the historical narrative long before a modern author gets his hands on it, with references to writers both ancient and modern.

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Dinner Debate: Overpaid, Oversexed and Over here - what did the Romans do for us? Ruth Downie, SJA Turney & Simon Scarrow​

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