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Recommend a Book - Criteria

The Alderney Literary Trust is now planning next year’s Literary Festival, and we are interested in hearing your recommendations as to which authors you might like to see at the Festival.

As you know, the event is a historical book festival. We invite authors on the basis of specific books they have written, which they will talk about. So, it’s the book we are interested in more than the author.

Due to the vast number of books available for consideration, we have developed some criteria for books and their authors, which helps us to narrow down the options. So, if you have recently read a book that really grabbed your interest, and you think it meets the criteria, please let us know!

Criteria for the book:

  • The book counts as historical literature (fiction or non-fiction);

  • It is set in (or is about – for non-fiction) a time period at least 50 years ago (dual timelines are fine);

  • Non-Fiction - includes historical biographies, memoirs, historical true crime, and general histories or micro-histories;

  • Fiction – the time period and historical figures must be an important part of the setting, although it may include fictional characters and events while staying true to the period;

  • Must qualify as ‘good literature’.


What do we mean by ‘good literature’? It’s all about the book having inspirational characters and compelling plots that make you think. It’s where the author creates a unique world in your mind and brings the time, people, and place to life for you. It’s where the author draws you in to the story and holds your attention, so you aren’t bored to tears.


Criteria for the author:

  • Must have published at least one book in hardback or paperback, with a second accepted for publication;

  •  The book has national distribution;

  • Debut Author – the book must be the author’s first published work; there may be a second book in the pipeline but not to be published before the next Festival date;

  • Ideally based in Europe (so we can afford to bring them to Alderney).


We can’t guarantee that all recommendations will be accepted, because we need to create a balance between fact, fiction, and historical period. But we would love to hear from you, and we do read ALL of our Festival books before we invite their authors. So, email us now with your favourite historical read at

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