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Exploring Beautiful Alderney


So you have come to Alderney to attend our festival or another of our literary events but your other half would prefer to do something else. Never fear, there is much to keep you occupied! The official Alderney website has lots of suggestions for things to do on your visit, but here are some of the best:​


With its wide open landscapes, green pastures and rugged cliffs, Alderney is a walker’s paradise. For an island 5km by 3km, it has over 80km of winding lanes, country paths and coastal walks. You can download guides to the different walking trails here.


Alderney is a designated Ramsar (a wetland of national importance) site and the Alderney Wildlife Trust organise wildlife and nature walks and other events around the Island.


A fun way of getting around the island is by cycling. Whether you prefer more traditional pedal power or use electric bikes to help with the uphill climbs, you can cycle at your leisure or join an organised tour.​


Alderney is not called the Fortress Island for nothing. Every headland is covered by Tudor, Victorian, or German fortifications, including the British Islands’ most complete standing Roman fort, locally called The Nunnery, on Longis Bay. The coastal walks will take you past every one of these, and most are open to explore, with care. The landscape is also dotted with German bunkers and trenches hidden in the vegetation, so please take great care when going off paths.


Snapshots of island life and more of Alderney’s history can be found at The Alderney Museum, on High Street.

Alderney Bayeux Tapestry Finale

The famous Alderney Bayeux Tapestry Finale, Alderney’s creation of the final missing chapter to the famous Bayeux Tapestry narrating the events of the Norman conquest of 1066 can be viewed at Alderney Library.

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