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Anthony Riches


Anthony Riches is a writer of military historical fiction, inspired by the stories of his grandfather and father, veterans of the First and Second World Wars. Tony’s Empire series, of which there are now 10 books, is set in late 2nd Century AD Britain and Europe. He is also the author of Nemesis and Target Zero, the first two books in the 'Protector' series.


Tony has a degree in Military Studies from Manchester University. He is a freelance project manager and has worked in the Middle and Far East, USA, Europe, and the UK over the last three decades. He lives in Hertfordshire with his wife, Helen and has three adult children.


Tony is Chairman of the Alderney Literary Festival and a Committee Member of the Historical Writers Association.

Mistaken History

the humblest narrative is always more than a chronological series of events”.*

Do historical narratives reflect historical reality? Generally, it is believed that they do not. Historical narratives reflect theories of historical change by imbuing the narrative as a whole with meaning over and above the meaning of its parts.

Can historical narratives reflect historical truth? This critical question is addressed in the opening panel of the Festival with Helen Castor and Sean Lusk and led by Anthony Riches, the Festival Chairman.

*Ricoeur, Paul. "Narrative time." Critical inquiry 7.1 (1980): 169-190

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