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Press Releases

Alderney set to uncover the secret ingredients of a captivting crime thriller

Great thriller writers create settings which put readers at the heart of every scene, sharing the sights, sounds, smells and textures with the protagonist. They create complex characters who are both credible and relatable so readers care what happens to them – both good and bad.

See Press Release (PDF) for more information.
Why Alderney will be a Hotspot for Crime in June

Hard on the heels of its most successful Literary Festival ever, in June 2023 the tiny island of Alderney is hosting a unique one-day festival exploring the ‘Anatomy of a Crime Thriller’. Organised by The Alderney Literary Trust and sponsored by Ravenscroft, best-selling authors Kate Rhodes, Elly Griffiths and Jane Casey will talk about their latest books and the crucial ingredients of their gripping stories.

See Press Release (PDF) for more information.

Ravenscroft is the Trust's New Sponsor

Investment services company Ravenscroft have signed a one-year Sponsorship Agreement with the Alderney Literary Trust, which will enable the Trust to increase its impact on the Alderney community.

See Press Release (PDF) for more information.

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