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Andrew Taylor

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Andrew Taylor is a bestselling crime and historical novelist. He has won the Diamond Dagger of the Crime Writers Association, the Gold Crown of the Historical Writers Association, and many other awards. He has written over 50 books, including TV storylines (Bergerac), children & young adult books, novellas, and short stories, three of which have been televised.

Andrew grew up in East Anglia and went to Emmanuel College Cambridge and University College London. He has worked as a boatbuilder, wages clerk, teacher, librarian, labourer, and freelance editor. Since 1981, he has been a full time writer, and now lives in the Forest of Dean.

The latest book in the 'Ashes of London' series - The Shadows of London - will be published just before the Alderney Literary Festival.

Andrew Taylor is sponsored by

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The Shortcomings of History

Andrew's talk will focus on his Ashes of London Restoration series and the challenges of trying to construct a plausible fictional narrative involving historical characters.

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