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Marko Gasic

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Following hundreds of appearances on UK and global media as an international affairs commentator, Marko Gasic has been described as “the perfect pundit, having something new and relevant to say and an engaging way of doing so" (Daily Telegraph), and as a " polished and plausible performer ... fresh-faced and energetic ... the style of a top-flight defence lawyer firmly in control of his brief … " (The Times 03/04/99). In the First World War context, he has played a crucial role in the writing and publication of the seminal book he will be discussing - as hands-on editor, agent and publicist.


Close collaborator of the author John Zametica, Marko Gasic gives us a remarkable insight into the work which has overturned a hundred years of history as taught to schoolchildren and students about the (Austro-Hungarian and Balkan) origins of the First World War.

Are the Narratives of History based on Evidence or Intellectual Fashion?

Debunking a century of claims by genre-leading academics, this acclaimed, hugely-researched work totally moves the goalposts about what led to WW1.  The great conspiracy that wasn't. The great reformer who wasn't. The war-stirring alliance that was desperate for peace.

This talk presents an evidence-led investigation into history with big implications for the international geopolitical crisis of today.


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