Promoting the enjoyment of literature on the Channel Island of Alderney

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About the Trust



The Alderney Literary Trust is a charitable trust founded in 2013 on the Channel Island of Alderney to encourage the appreciation of literature and promote critical literacy.


The Trust aims to: 

  • encourage the enjoyment of reading and writing for pleasure, through a variety of literary events such as creative writing courses and guest author events; 

  • promote an appreciation of different styles of writing, and an understanding of how writers’ points of view can shape their stories;

  • inspire readers to develop a deeper awareness of history and its relevance through an annual festival of historical literature.

The Alderney Literary Trust is an associate member of the Historical Writers' Association

Alderney: a relaxing oasis in the English Channel

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Whether it is reading a good book or writing one of your own, Alderney's relaxing atmosphere takes you into another world. Its unspoiled open landscapes and dramatic seascapes, its geography, fascinating history, amazing wildlife, and colourful community provide the perfect environment to stimulate and inspire creative minds. 


On Alderney, the past is part of everyday life. A fortress island, Alderney is ringed by Roman, Tudor, Napoleonic, Victorian, and German fortifications, testaments to the Island’s perceived strategic military position in the English Channel through the ages. In keeping with the historical character of the Island, the Alderney Literary Trust holds The Alderney Literary Festival, an annual festival of history-related literature (fiction and non-fiction), attracting bestselling and award winning biographers, historians, novelists and poets to the Island.


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The Alderney Literary Festival

Each year, the Trust holds the Alderney Literary Festival of Historical Literature, having as its consistent theme the convergence of historical fact and literary fiction. This is a boutique literary festival, kept deliberately small to create a 'salon' feel and encourage interaction between authors and audience.

Over a long weekend, our guest novelists, biographers, and historians talk about their research and approaches to writing, and discuss their interpretation of historical themes, people, and events. They inform and entertain Festival audiences by making history accessible and fascinating, providing new insight into understanding the past and making it relevant now in our own time.

For details of our next Literary Festival, please go to our Festival page here.


We would like to thank our private and business sponsors, the States of Alderney, Guernsey Arts Commission, and Guernsey Economic Development, for their continuing support of the Alderney Literary Festival.


Abir Mukherjee

Abir Mukherjee

Alex von Tunzelmann

Alex von Tunzelmann

Bringing readers and authors together



Tish Delaney Book Launch

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Tish Delaney launched her debut novel "Before My Actual Heart Breaks", to a packed room of her Alderney fans at The Georgian House Hotel.

Following a brief introduction by Alderney Lit Trust trustee, Dr Isabel Picornell, Tish performed a short reading and then proceeded to sign copies of her book, which completely sold out.

Dr Picornell said of the book, "It is much more than a love story. It speaks to me of the lives of real people in very difficult times, of Mary Rattigan, 16 years old, pregnant, Catholic, growing up in Northern Ireland during the time of The Troubles. Mary is as complex a character as the North and its Troubles. 

Signed copies of Tish Delaney's book is available from The Alderney Bookshop.

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Anthony Horowitz sets latest book on Alderney

Renowned and prolific author and screenwriter Anthony Horowitz has set his latest book in Alderney.  The third book in the Detective Daniel Hawthorn series, titled 'A Line about Killing' is actually set in our very own Alderney Literary Festival! 
Horowitz was guest author for St Anne's School first Young Person Literary Festival in 2019, which ran in tandem with the Alderney LitFest . 
The book, published by Penguin, is due for release in August 2021.